Free Daily Information Seminars

Free daily information session - local tips, trail conditions & more.

Everyday - Baquedano 955, Puerto Natales, Chile

Affectionately nick-named 'the 3 o'clock talk', the info sessions cover details about Torres del Paine, weather, equipment, trail food, packing, refugios, trekking, climbing, transportation, the catamaran and anything else you can think of for Torres del Paine and trekking in Patagonia. Join our guides everyday at 3pm for a cup of coffee and the facts about how Patagonia is put together. 

The seminar not only is informative, but it is a great chance to find other trekkers, share tips and information. The talk starts off explaining the options for just getting to and from Torres del Paine. The park entrance is 2.5 hours from Puerto Natales, with nothing but pampa and mountains in between. From there you need to access the trail from the main road - there are three ways of doing this. Then there are the trail conditions, the paid campsites, the free campsites,the refugios. The water, the weather and animals. Then there is equipment - what to bring, and what not to. Then food. Where do you locate shopping, or climbing permits, the border crossings, recycling issues or waste management... Come by the Day Zero building, everyday at 3pm local time, and check it out. 

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